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Personal Security Officers Services


First time in India, you can have the privilege of hiring Personal Security Officers (PSO) who have the experience of security services and the know-how of Guarding the Elites of the Elite in the passageways of energy, both at local and state Government levels.We at Vigil 24×7 Guarding Services Pvt Ltd offers you the decision of hiring Ex-NSG/SPG Commandos from equipped and paramilitary powers or prepared regular citizen PSO’s at sensible rates.


Our main motto is to invest in good quality and use our resources to the optimum so that we are able to provide excellent services to our client.


We provide top-notch- PSO and Bouncers.
Our employees are ex-serviceman.
Each resource is accounted for, and the best in the industry.
Working hours- 6-8 hour a day.
Accommodation and meals by the customer.
P.S.O- All are armed with 6″ feet height and from Defence forces.
Bouncers- professional bouncers,(not youngsters from the gym) the bouncers have experience and are professionals.


EVERY Personal Security officer. Bodyguard, Close Protection Officer, Armed Gunmen, Private Security personnel is hired after complete verification, experience check and validation of all documents.
In today’s world, we need quality protection and safety in case of any unwarranted situation. Safety when traveling, attending events, marriages, social functions, celebrations. For all these situations we need protection and safety from most trusted sources.

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