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A guardian for individual insurance is one of the alternatives that are accessible when a risk is inevitable.


In addition, We can ensure a brief timeframe of appearance, all day and all night if the circumstance requests it. Our work performed in close co-operation with the police and different experts. Every one of our administrations gets from a hazard investigation which thusly decides how the assurance practiced around the main. The insurance can torpid and in this way actuated if the need emerge.


Personal Body Guard


PBS’s gathering for individual insurance has prominent experience of securing VIPs, agents from business, modern life and different associations.


For PBS to attempt the administration of securing private people, an agreement must shaped between the gatherings. We look at which decides and conditions that must take after for us to have capacity to give the administration. PBS must approach all data about the risk ahead of time to have the capacity to consider the current conditions and ensure that these are honest to goodness.


We ensure safety and promise decent, educated and well behaved bouncers for all requirements.This is one guarantee we take as a company and promise to provide the safest bouncers for security.


Vigil24x7 Bouncer teams specially trained for first aid emergencies and crisis management. The bouncers presentable so as to ensure quality services at the same time provide the strong security presence. We are very particular about the technological equipment used during our services. Hence we can assist our clients in providing such security equipment as well. Security teams are used in the safe transportation of goods, valuables. Bouncers have an important role to maintain the safety and security and keeping everything controlled such that therefore the guests can enjoy the event.It becomes extremely important to train the bouncers with mental and physically challenging activities to ensure they understand in how to deal in hostile environments and crisis situations. We have worked hard to provide the finest quality experience to work appropriately in any location in Delhi NCR.

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